Protect Your Precious Ride By Using Motorcycle Locks

by Jamie on October 6, 2016

Motorcycles have become a common method of transportation in many urban cities. The roads these days are filled with bikes as it provides good mileage at a very low cost. But in recent days there is a sudden rise in theft of vehicles specially motorcycles. Almost hundreds of bikes are being stolen every day and this has led to the decline in the sale of Motor cycles to an extent. People are afraid to own bikes due to the rising security concerns.

The solution to this lies exactly in front of us and in a very simple form of Motorcycle locks. These are indeed perfect for protecting your vehicle from theft. Just because no one has ever stolen your bike doesn’t mean that it is not in danger of being snatched away. Bikes are being taken from all parts of the world in all kinds of places. From high end and high priced bikes to even boring little ones are being snatched away. Even tightly secured and locked motorcycles are being stolen! But there are some methods you can use to hide your precious bikes from the prying eyes of thieves.

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  • Always use a steering lock while parking or garaging your bike

Steering locks can make your bike hard to maneuver. Thus bike thieves find it hard to move your bike.

  • Attach the lock higher up

The locks should always be attached between the frames and the forks of wheels so that thieves cannot gain enough leverage to pry that lock.

  • Lock it down properly

With disc locks there is a possibility that thieves can easily load that into a truck and escape. To avoid this situation, attach your bike with an anchor to something solid. Even the ones inside garages should be securely locked.

  • More the locks, more the security

In addition to your bike’s built in locks, put a few additional motorcycle locks, and if you also anchor it to a solid support then no thief would be able to snatch your ride.

  • Don’t get cheap while investing on security

At times when your motorcycle’s security is at stake, it is always better to go for equipment of high quality as they provide high end security measures.

  • It’s always wise to set up alarms

Making loud noises will alert your neighbors and people around, which is a highly efficient method to stop bike theft. Although there have been cases of false alarms but nevertheless, someone is bound to notice when loud sound goes off as soon as someone tries to break your bike’s lock.

Your motorcycle is your precious property and safeguarding it should be your top concern. Theft can happen at any time and at any moment and thus it is wise to always lock up your vehicle when you are parking or even when you are keeping it under the locked doors of your garage. Incorporating different kinds of locks into a single vehicle is always a wise choice.

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