Knog Strongman Lock Review

by Jamie on November 7, 2013

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Knog is the Australian bike accessory brand that have made a name for themselves by creating great looking products. Their bike locks however have rarely performed well in tests, as shown in the review of the Knog Party Frank bike lock.

Now however, it seems Knog have delivered a lock which not only looks great, but performs well too. The Knog Strongman boasts:

  • A double lock mechanism, which means it requires two cuts to get through
  • A soft silicone rubber cover which will prevent damage to your frame
  • 13mm hardened steel shackle
  • An array of great colours
  • Sold Secure Gold rating
  • 3-star accreditation from ART

One consideration before buying this lock is the slim dimensions of the space it can enclose. This lock will perfectly suit slim frames, but mountain bike owners may struggle to fit it.

Popular Mechanics took their tools to the lock and reported it resisted a freeze and hammer attack, a bottle jack attack and lasted a respectable 80 seconds with an angle grinder.

Bike Radar also reviewed the lock and had this to say:

The Strongman stood up to the first of our usual lock tests, a five-minute attack with standard tools, and in the subsequent power tool test the shackle took just over 30 seconds to cut through, and that was after a minute or so of cutting away the silicone cover. It all adds up to an impressive little lock.

LOCK YOUR BIKE score: 3/5

What are your thoughts on this lock? Let us know in the comments!

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