Does Bike Wheel Lock Provide Enough Security For Your Vehicle?

by Jamie on October 6, 2016

It’s no rocket science that you have to protect your precious vehicles from thieves all the time. Bike snatching has become a rising horror for many motor heads as they struggle to find a way to keep their bikes safe from the prying eyes of people around them. Not only high priced rides but old junky motorbikes have also being reported stolen these days. Even broken down bike parts are being sold off at black markets at higher prices! The only line of defense you have against these bike thieves is a proper heavy duty Bike Wheel Lock.

Many active bike users forget to lock their bikes and leave them open in the streets prone to bike thieves. Now you have to remember that the inbuilt locks that are provided are not always enough to stop bike theft. Therefore additional security procedures are an absolute must, however there is still no saying that when you come back after shopping or return to your bike, it will be there. But at least you tried to protect it with best methods rather than leaving it wide open!

Now the question arises if Bike Wheel Locks provide the right security for your precious ride or not. For that we should go through its pros and cons to get a better idea.

Pros of using wheel locks

  1. Wheel locks when attached to your bike frame and wheels provide additional security that thieves find difficult to pry and break.
  2. With different types of wheel locks available, like the shackle locks which you can bind to solid support like pillars or railings which then make your bike firmly attached and stealing them becomes next to impossible.

Cons of using Wheel locks

Although wheel locks provide a sturdy and strong security mechanism but they are generally heavy and smaller in size that adds to their disadvantage. Also wheel locks cannot alone prevent bike thefts but they sure will increase the chances of your bike being protected.

As it is evident that wheel locks have more advantages of disadvantages, it is the best form of theft protection that you can have installed on your bike. There are certain things you have to keep in mind if you want to avoid any incident with your vehicle. Bike snatchers are always on the prowl and they target a particular vehicle beforehand. Thus it would add to your advantage to not leave your motorcycle with only inbuilt handle locks but also add other locks like wheel locks.

These are a couple of steps you can do ensure the safety of your steed:

  1. Buy best and high quality locks.
  2. Use of combination of two or more locks.
  3. Choose a safe spot for parking your bike.
  4. Attach your bike to a solid immovable object like pillars or railings.
  5. Never leave your vehicle out in the open without locking them properly. And always double check to be sure.


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