Choose Light Weight Bike Locks For The Safety Of Road Bikes!

by Jamie on October 24, 2016

A bike always comes with a bike lock. But most of the times it is not really worth it! We all need a bike lock which is light weight and easy to use, but just as simple it is to state there isn’t really an easy way to find the solution. The market is flooded with bike locks of different ranges and colours and designs which can be picked at really affordable prices but it is sad that most of them are just useless. Sometimes finding a right bike lock can be really simple other times it is just a burden on oneself.

What is a bike lock?

Bike lock is a small tool which helps in keeping the bike locked while in the parking or having left it anywhere. These prevent the bikes from getting stolen or taken away by random strangers. A bike lock can be a savior in the safety of your bike and can be helpful in keeping it secure with just one simple lock.

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Kryptonite Bike Lock with 4-Feet Kryptoflex Cable ££More details!

On-Guard 8005 Pitbull Keyed Shackle Lock ££More details!

Blusmart Bike Security Cable Lock Combination with Flexible Mount Twisted Metal Cable £More details!

Oxford OF178 GP Chain Lock £More details!

H&S® 6/8/10mm Dia x 1.2/2M HEAVY DUTY Motorcycle Motorbike Bike Bicycle Cycle Chain Lock PadLock£More details!

What are light weight bike locks?

These are locks which are light in weight and do not contribute in raising the weight load of the bike. As the bike lock has to be carried around wherever we go. It becomes essential to find bike locks which are not that heavy to carry them easily and without hassle.

How to choose the right bike lock?

Choosing a perfect bike lock can be tricky for a layman but really easy if one knows the things to look for. Some of the best bike locks have these features in common and can be really a savior if checked before buying your bike lock.

  • The bike lock should be at least rated with sold secure silver as this ensure the use of quality silver in the manufacturing of the lock and hence it can be really light and powerful lock.
  • Metal bike locks are to be selected rather than straps or rubber bike locks as these materials can be easily cut through by the strangers
  • One must always buy a loop bike lock as it can work better as a bike lock which restricts the movement of the bike when lock. Thus not allowing anyone else to ride the bike when you have locked it.
  • U-lock can be savior too when chosen from a good brand as they have an easy open and lock system enabling the ease in using it
  • Do not buy chain locks as these can be really heavy and puzzling to use them. Chain locks are difficult to handle.
  • Invest in a good brand when thinking of purchasing a lightweight bike lock as it ensures quality and design.

Bike locks can be chosen from variety of places and design, but is always safe to evaluate the weight of it to help decide if your bike is ready for more weight. Carrying around heavy locks can get really difficult and so lightweight locks are perfect for road bikes.

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