Squire Retractable Cable Bike Lock Review

by Jamie on September 1, 2010

Squire Retractable Cable Bike Lock Review

The Squire Retractable Cable Lock is a super-lightweight bike lock that seems to consistently be in the top sellers. The only reason I can think why is the convenience of such a lock – there is no need for a key due to the combination lock and measures just 50mm x 70mm. It also has 60cm of cable to secure your bike with. This extreme convenience is completely negated by it’s inability to offer resistance to a thief.

The lock looks and feels cheap (well, it does only cost £9!) which is suited to locking up for the quick coffee shop stop where you can keep an eye on it, but ultimately this is never going to be a serious bike lock. Check out the other bike lock reviews for something more substantial.
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