Bike Seat Locks Provide The Perfect Security

by Jamie on October 6, 2016

The top concern for motor heads around the world today is bike theft. People’s bikes are being snatched away in broad daylight from their homes or out in the streets. There are reports of single bike parts being stolen from all around. Even bike seats are reported being stolen. With all this going around, if you become careless and neglectful for one moment you may have to lose your trusty steed.

There are a few steps which you can take in order to prevent your motorcycle from being stolen. Now these simply won’t guarantee the safety of your ride but nevertheless are important tips that you absolutely need to follow.

  • Always lock your bike whether you are parking or keeping them inside a garage.
  • Use of multiple locks is way safer than using only the inbuilt locks bike manufacturers provide.
  • Invest in heavy duty and high quality lock and never fall for the cheaper less durable ones.
  • Attaching your bike to any solid support is always assured. You can use cables and chains to tie up your bike with railings or pillars.

Now let us turn our attention to another side of bike theft. Not all bikes are snatched as whole; sometimes thieves would tear upon your vehicle and take out individual parts such as bike seats which have high demands because of its leather constituents. The only solution to this problem comes in the form of Bike Seat Locks. These are absolutely necessary to protect your bike seats. Not only this but seat lock comes with the added benefits of fuel cap lock and ignition locks.



Why put additional seat locks when the bike is already locked at the steering and wheels?


You might be thinking that there is no way a person can steal your bike seats if your vehicle is perfectly locked at the wheels and steering. Well you are thinking wrong! Steering and wheel locks only make the bike hard to maneuver, which stops thieves from lifting or dragging the bike to a truck or trailer. Your bike seats remain there like dead meat ready to be taken away by those hungry predators. Bike Seat locks help you overcome this situation. Combined with wheel locks and cables, this becomes a formidable defense system against bike theft.

Bike theft can happen to anyone and at any time! You may be resting at ease that you live in a secured area with no previous history of theft and your motorcycle is completely safe. But it does not take much time for prying eyes to target your precious vehicle and before you know it; your bike will be gone. It’s always better to be safe than sorry and these seat locks help you achieve exactly that.

To safeguard your bike from being stolen, you must be always aware of your surroundings. You should not project your ride as something to be waiting to be stolen. The safety of your ride is always in your hands.

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